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The golden arches “lovin’ it”

I ain’t got no money.


Earlier in the week, I complained about the attitude of sisters at the drive-thru. I developed a better understanding when I passed a McDonald’s the other night. The restaurant had a digital sign that read: HIRING OPENERS. PAY UP TO $9/HR. It set tucked up under those golden arches my grandson knows so well, despite his inability to read.

I even took the time to trace a crude version of the golden arches across the screen with my finger using 3DPaint. That’s the photo you see above.


The flashing advertisement held my attention as I waited for the light to change. Yeah, I understand now. As a result, I have committed to no longer being perturbed by their attitudes. I’ll even open my window and allow them to throw the food in. If it misses the seat and hits the floor, it’s okay. These women need somewhere to release their frustrations at not making enough to pay the rent, let alone get a therapist, so why not make myself and my vehicle available to them?

I’m only another human being. It’s only a car. I can always stop by the car wash—which ironically costs the same as what they’re paid an hour—and clean up the mess. Heck, I’m lucky they didn’t smear my food on the window in my face, before placing it back in the bag and handing to me.

I mean, I could see myself doing that, if I had to stand at a register for hours, greeting people and pretending to give a fuck about how many packs of ketchup and barbecue sauce they want for UP TO $9/hr.

FYI: I’ve noticed that requesting more than one packet of ketchup or sauce will earn you some extreme attitude. How dare you? Now, this overworked, underpaid worker has to open that window twice to hand shit to you. They ain’t paying her enough. Don’t you understand, like I understand?

Driving off, I was so miffed by the audacity of whomever placed that shit on the sign that I had to go look up the federal minimum wage. If you didn’t know, I copied and pasted it for you. That’s another topic for another day.

The Georgia state minimum wage is $5.15. Employees covered under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act are subject to the federal minimum wage of $7.25, but those not covered under the FLSA may be paid the state minimum wage of $5.15.

I’m quite sure many of them aren’t being hired in at $9/hr because that’s not how it works. That’s nothing more than enticement in its simplest form. Hiring managers in these restaurants aren’t looking for anybody with a whole lot of experience, because they don’t wanna pay for a whole lot of experience. They just want somebody who will show up, follow directions and quickly learn the basics.

McDonald’s making billions and the employees being insulted with pay of UP TO $9/hr, IN ATLANTA. Y’all know how much it costs to live in ATLANTA? Don’t move here to find out. We are full and no longer accepting applications.

Just know, it costs way more than an up-to-$9/hr salary provides. And don’t come with they should get an education and apply for higher-paying jobs. If they weren’t at that window, yo’ ass couldn’t roll through, receive attitude and have your food practically shoved into your car. Up to $9/hr. *sigh*

Who’s truly “lovin’ it?”



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2 responses to “The golden arches “lovin’ it””

  1. laurie saunders Avatar
    laurie saunders

    Yup, slave wages. Robots will be at the drive-thru soon. And those girls will be unemployed or forced to work for minimum wage elsewhere. Amerikkka admits that people that make minimum wage (in every state) can’t afford at 2 bedroom apartment! And most receive (deserve) food stamps because they don’t earn $1200 per month. Sad! I don’t do McDeath

    1. Nandi Avatar

      To think you mentioned $1,200 and that’s ALL they’ve provided for people whose lives they displaced. I saw a woman cheering on the “caregiving” robots Rwanda is supposedly testing, and I cringed, because she has no idea she’s cheering for her own elimination. 🙁

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