Bag of Money and Coins


Bag of Money and CoinsI’m currently working to revise a finance guide I created some time ago. As I work to get it ready for publication, I’m going to share on this page and within my blog practical lessons, tips and other concepts from the guide and my experiences that will assist our people in getting themselves out of the muck and mire misleadingly labeled by the media as “black buying power.” Let me make it clear that if you have no economic base from which to operate, you have no power. You are simply a consumer.

It is time we learn how to do for self, and the only way we will be able to fully recognize our capabilities is to understand what is happening in our day-to-day world, especially as it regards our economical prowess and progress. Financially, we lag behind many others. The majority of black families aren’t raising their children with an understanding of resources. They’re raising them under the umbrella of struggle. Might these lessons I will be sharing help you out of the pit of struggle so that you and your generations will gain a better understanding of managing and accumulating resources.


These lessons are easy enough for your children to complete. I use them in my homeschool program with my own children. The earlier we teach our children how to manage resources, the more of a headstart they will have.

Understanding Income Lesson 1


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