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the r[E]volution will not be televised

  • The golden arches “lovin’ it”

    The golden arches “lovin’ it”

    I ain’t got no money. Prince Earlier in the week, I complained about the attitude of sisters at the drive-thru. I developed a better understanding when I passed a McDonald’s the other night. The restaurant had a digital sign that read: HIRING OPENERS. PAY UP TO $9/HR. It set tucked up under those golden arches…

  • Taste of Humble Pie

    Taste of Humble Pie

    Never learned to swim | Can’t catch the rhythm of the stroke | Why should I hold my breath | Feelin’ that I might choke Parliament It wasn’t until I decided to jump into the deep end with my two youngest daughters and take swimming lessons that I found out I didn’t know nuffin’ ’bout…

  • Everything I Never Had

    Everything I Never Had

    With the holidays upon us, I’m not writing this hoping that anybody has a last-minute change of heart. We already know that when we’re committed to something, whether it be a good or bad thing, we are going to follow through. I do wish we had this type of follow through with more things of…

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