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the r[E]volution will not be televised

  • Facebook Doesn’t Speak Black

    Facebook Doesn’t Speak Black

    I found a dream that I could speak to | A dream that I can call my own. Etta James Earlier on Facebook, I responded to an article about vulva-themed cupcakes sold by a bakery. I remarked that, “I hate Americans.” Well, minutes later, Facebook sends me a threatening message about violating community standards. According […]

  • Go Back and Get It

    Go Back and Get It

    Have you ever heard the term Sankofa or seen it represented by a bird that looks behind to the past while its feet face forward, moving into the future? From the Twi language of Ghana, Sankofa is said to mean, “Go back and get it.” Pictured, is my crude rendition of the bird. A few […]

  • I’m Strange . . . and I Like It

    I’m Strange . . . and I Like It

    My children, my family, hell, friends and people I know, all come away with similar thoughts about me. I’m strange. And you know what? I am. To paraphrase Cameo, I’m strange and I like it. I wouldn’t live this life any other way. I’m cool with my strangeness. I embrace my strangeness. I stand in […]

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