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Facebook Doesn’t Speak Black

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I found a dream that I could speak to | A dream that I can call my own.

Etta James

Earlier on Facebook, I responded to an article about vulva-themed cupcakes sold by a bakery. I remarked that, “I hate Americans.”

Well, minutes later, Facebook sends me a threatening message about violating community standards. According to Facebook, my statement was construed as hate speech and subsequently, next time, they were going to permanently ban me. Two-strike rule and all.

Of course, my comment wasn’t meant in the context of true hatred. Any and everybody black in the comments knows that when we make such statements, such as “I hate humans,” “I hate you,” what we’re really saying is that we’re sick of attention whores, your ass for posting about attention whores or seeing stupid shit from stupid people—many of which happen to be Americans. *giggling my ass off*

We’re not saying we want to burn America to the ground or overthrow the government. We’re just saying there are a whole lot of people seeking attention by any means necessary, especially if such attention makes money. But Facebook, with its hating ass, doesn’t know that, because Facebook doesn’t speak the language of The Blacks [© Trump, circa 2016]. Facebook speaks WASP. And when WASP say they hate America, it means somebody can get this mass shooting.

I could have argued with them and requested another review of my statement, but why? From what I’ve been through with them in the past, they’d only maintain it was hate speech by sending me the same generic response they’ve sent in the past. I believe it rare when an actual human takes the time to review a violation. Again, just based on my history with Facebook.

But I’m not mad at Facebook and its wizards behind the curtain. Like Facebook, I’ve got my own platform—AND I’m listening to Prince’s Ultimate album, so I’m in a fuckin’ good mood on this rainy Friday night. If ever Facebook decides to make good on its threat and ejects me from my borrowed seat at their children’s table, I can always gone back to my own house where my chair is solid—at the big table.

Damn thieves in the temple.



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10 responses to “Facebook Doesn’t Speak Black”

  1. Kay N. Dee Avatar
    Kay N. Dee

    Facebook is so trashy…sometimes I wonder why I even came back. These social media platforms as a WHOLE need to stop. Is there any point in saying that we need our own sites and safe spaces?

    1. Nandi Avatar

      I agree, our own spaces and sites are important. I don’t think a lot of people are interested in their own sites, as much as they might like to have options where they can go to commune in places other than “their” spaces. That’s what blogs have represented. I decided to stop neglecting mine. Get back to it. Thank you from coming on over! 🙂

  2. Haneef Auguste Avatar
    Haneef Auguste

    Its 100% as you’ve said. They don’t speak black. They understand our play on words, even new phrases are instantly understood by us due to a shared point of reference. I like your blog.


    1. Nandi Avatar

      Exactly! They’re not trying to understand us.

      Thank you for meeting me over here on my slice of the Web. 😉

  3. Laurie Lambert Avatar
    Laurie Lambert

    I’ve never asked fb to protect me nor do I need/ want them to. SMIRKS @ forced protection.
    Ha…fbi-book threatens to ban me often. Once, I returned from not being on the internet [WEB…tangles of deception and diversions] for months, and I had too many emails from fb stating I was banned for 3 days for a post and 7 days for another. Giggles! I had cussed amerikkka and bounced.
    Bitch, I banned fbi-book and stay outta my email! Shit.
    Nah, when I hate amerikkka, KKK…I don’t mean I wanna burn it down…nah, not like the kkk repeatedly burn down BLACK WALL STREET, our shacks, homes, fortresses, MOVE MEMBERS on Osage Avenue, OUR FAMILIES. No worries.

    1. Nandi Avatar

      Right. They love to use decoy terminology. The truth of the matter is that it’s censorship, especially of us.

  4. Laurie Lambert Avatar
    Laurie Lambert

    Hugs,SISTER. I like seeing ya font. SMILE.
    The kkk would still own the internet WE won’t own the internet in my lifetime.

    1. Nandi Avatar

      Aww, thank you! And, yes, they own that, too. The only difference is that they don’t exercise the same power that Facebook does to censor you when you’re paying for the space. All they have to do is keep you out of the search engines. They don’t have to utter a word.

  5. Laurie Lambert Avatar
    Laurie Lambert

    Keep you out of search engines-kkk does that often when I’m going to Nandi’s Naturals site. Laughing! As if they could block me from purchasing my NATURAL ESSENTIALS. Rememba when WE were the “Pony Express”….and we rode across 8+ states to be with family, to exchange our goods and wares. to barter? WE had thriving businesses and unions long before da “web”/internet.
    Fbi-book is racism in cyber space that people flock to all day. I use it to promote. Usually fb doesn’t allow me to tag the business that i’m promoting. And they blank out the entire promotional post repeatedly while i’m typing it. Bitches. Ha! And they sent me notes about using the page for advertising…or I’ve exceeded the limit of “shares”.
    As MY MOMMA N NEM said, “Chile, 1 monkey don’t stop no show!” I hate amerikkka. I LOVE US!

    1. Nandi Avatar

      Yes! If you’re not adding more money into their money pits, they ain’t trying to put you out there, and they’ll do everything they can to suppress and censor.

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