How Vitamin C KO’d My Sciatica

OrangesI have an old injury from my military days, which contributed to the degeneration of discs in my L4/L5 spinal segment. In October 2013, issues with my lower back flared up again. By February, one of the discs had herniated severely compressing my thecal sac and left lateral recess, causing a horrible case of sciatica. For almost two months, I’d lost the ability to get myself out of bed without assistance (and it still took about 30 minutes or so before I could calm my leg down enough to move). I could barely dress myself, sit or stand, and spent some days on crutches or used a cane. I hated the thought of going to bed, because I knew I’d be trapped in there, not to mention the pain worsened during the night as my body temp dropped and my muscles stiffened.

I tried the stretching exercises for sciatica relief on YouTube, to no success. I tried chiropractic care. While it helped with some of the lower-back pain, the compressed nerve and thecal sac were still kicking butt, literally, as the searing pain manifested in my lower-left leg and left buttock.

With all the knowledge I had in herbs, I plowed through them, trying my best to find some that would help with the pain and inflammation. I cut as many inflammation-forming foods from my diet as possible. I drank cup after cup of ginger, Valerian root, nettle, lemon balm, cayenne, cinnamon, devil’s claw, etc., but none offered me the relief I needed to climb off the 10-level pain scale I was on. I will note that these did help significantly in decreasing the inflammation, to the point my back no longer felt wedged between two vice grips trying to reach each other. But pain was still my constant companion. I couldn’t drive, bend to get anything out of lower cabinets or off the floor, or sit in any of the chairs outside of the harder, firmer ones in my kitchen and dining room. I got to the point where I couldn’t go into the office anymore. It was too painful to consider and, mentally, I was exhausted. Making it worse, was that until I could no longer, I hid the extent of my pain from everybody.

I found myself so delirious from the pain that every day became a challenge just to accomplish the basics, like going to the bathroom. One day, a few of the clouds lifted from my mind and I remembered back to one morning where I was actually able to get out of bed with little pain. I couldn’t remember what I had done differently, until it dawned on me that I had taken about 2,000 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C the evening prior, solely because my daughter, who had a cold, refused it due to its tartness.

I got to the computer as quickly as I could hobble and typed in “vitamin C to heal herniated disc,” and found there were others talking about the power of vitamin C to heal herniated discs. I instantly began to develop a protocol to see if there was merit to what I was reading. On March 18, 2014, I began with a dose of about 5,000 mg in tablet form. By evening, the leg pain, while present, was bearable. During the course of the night, I was able to rise from bed unassisted and make it to the bathroom in less than 10 minutes (my former record had been 30 minutes WITH assistance). By night three, I was rising from bed and on my way to the bathroom in less than three minutes. Inspired, each day, I added a few thousand more milligrams until I got to what is called bowel tolerance level. This is the point at which you experience diarrhea when megadosing on vitamin C. My limit at that time was about 30,000 mg. Since then, my limit has lowered to about 22,500 mg, which is where I stand today. Depending upon a person’s deficiency level, health and current illnesses, the limit varies. No two people will require the same dose at any given time. And any given person will not always require the same dose.

Every two hours, I drop a half teaspoon (2,500 mg) of vitamin C powder, in ascorbic acid image of solgar vitamin c crystalsform (which I find much more convenient than tablets), into a little water, stir until completely dissolved and drink up. Another reason I prefer the powder is because the chews, tablets and capsules usually have too many additives. If you’re going to be taking large amounts of something for extended periods, you want to do away with the extras because they could cause issues of their own down the line. The taste of the powder is not that bad. For anyone accustomed to drinking lemon water, there won’t be much difference in taste. Well, it might be a bit more tart, but it’s not bad. I’d much rather tart than pain. An old friend of mine is fond of saying “people will do more to escape pain than to gain pleasure.” Darned, if he isn’t right!

Fast forward to today, March 29, 2014, I can get out of bed unassisted and be bathroom bound in less than a minute. My pain is steadily decreasing. Whereas before I would have said my pain was consistently between 9-10, with 10 being most severe, I can now say my pain fluctuates between 0-5. And the five is if I push myself too much.

Just prior to the vitamin C “discovery,” I’d gone to see an orthopedic surgeon who, after looking over my MRI, wanted to schedule me for surgery the next day. I turned him down for three reasons: 1) He had to be stone mad to think I’d just jump under a knife or laser without doing my research; 2) He didn’t ask, but told me he’d be scheduling me for surgery; and 3) I was convinced that more conservative treatments should be tried before having such a serious procedure performed. I’m glad I stood my ground, because it was after this visit that I remembered the vitamin-C incident.

Of note, since beginning the vitamin-C protocol, I dropped my dosage a bit for a day or two and the pain returned. When I returned to the higher dose, the pain diminished within hours. That was the confirmation I needed to know that the vitamin C was working—and that it WAS the vitamin C that was making a difference.

I’ll continue on my regimen, even if it means taking vitamin C as a maintenance dose for an extended period. The beauty of vitamin C is that it’s non-toxic and doesn’t have the side effects of mainstream drugs, even at megadose levels, of which I’m currently taking. It’s water-soluble and works like a diuretic when you have more in your system than you can use. That means lots of bathroom runs, but I’m cool with that as well. I see good days ahead, today, being one of them! I just put in eight hours of non-stop product making and have a pain level of zero. How’s that for effectiveness?

I’ve listed below articles and videos I came across when researching vitamin C as a healing protocol for herniated discs. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about an abundance of uses that aren’t shared much, if at all, by the mainstream medical establishment. Its effectiveness has been proven in tumor reduction, cancer elimination, diabetes reversal, colds and flu, and more! I must state that the lack of sharing isn’t all due in part to “hiding” the benefits of higher intake of vitamin C to heal infections and other illnesses. Some doctors honestly have never heard of the protocol. I recently met one who was very open to its potential when he reviewed my MRI and then watched what I was able to do in the physical, despite the test results showing severe compression of the nerve root and thecal sac.

When you realize how deficient most of us are as it pertains to vitamin C, you realize that many of our illnesses stem from not having the necessary nutrient stores in place to defeat them. The newest medical push is to prescribe vitamin D to as many people as will fill the prescriptions. Adequate vitamin-C levels are required to properly absorb vitamin D. Do keep in mind that it is most difficult to obtain all our vitamin-C requirements from food alone when attempting to resolve illnesses or injuries.

Note: Please visit the links and review the research (see below) as it regards how much is enough when taking vitamin C for colds and flu, because you’ll find it of great value. Considering our inherent vitamin-C deficiency, 250 mg a day will probably not do much of anything toward decreasing the severity, length and occurrence of colds and flu. The average person, who is likely highly deficient in vitamin C, requires more than that, just as I required thousands more to get to the point where the pain in my leg was barely perceptible.


Medical Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I play one on television. I do not have the authority to prescribe protocols, drugs or dietary plans for anyone other than myself. If you choose to take vitamin C or any nutritional supplement that is solely YOUR decision. I am only sharing here what has worked for me. The rest is up to you. Those with iron overload disorders, such as haemochromatosis, should not attempt Vitamin C megadosing, as it could be life-threatening. High vitamin-C intake in the first trimester of pregnancy may cause miscarriage.

Update #1: I’ve had some people ask about my before-and-after MRI. While I don’t have an after—I’m still trying to find a new doctor so I can request a followup, since my old one is uncooperative because I refused surgery—below is a copy of the report from my initial MRI. I hope you find it useful and may it serve as an inspiration to those who are where I was last year so that you know it is possible for your situation to change.

MRI Report








UPDATE #2: I’ve found that wearing constricting clothing such as tight jeans, can further aggravate pinched nerves. I suggest wearing loose-fitting clothing as much as possible.

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  • True soldier! Didn’t talk about how deep it was til you were out the trenches. No complaining or whining. I’m trying to learn all I can about this stuff now, because I ain’t getting no younger! Thank you for your story (and the links)!

    • I didn’t want to prematurely blab it out, only to find the relief was temporary or connected to something else. Once I knew it was the “C” and nothing but the C (lol), I then knew I had to share it. I must admit that my pain threshold is a bit higher than others, so when I say I was hurting, that might be an understatement. Child birth didn’t feel like my leg did. I’m glad you found the information useful.

  • Great article Nandi. You have connected some dots; however, my question is are the foods you consuming blocking the production of cortisol and are they full of health disruptors ( antigens). The research that I am involved with addresses tissue renewal, enzyme template building and quantum physics. You have done a good job but if you would like to know the cause of your sciatica look no further than Symptometry. I had the worse back and sciatic pain (3 years of what you experienced) and I am a doctor of acupuncture and Asian medicine but it was the formula for health = TR + N + ES , that started me on the road to cure. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Thanks for the response, Dr. Abbott. To answer your question regarding foods I’m consuming and the probability they may be blocking production of cortisol and causing other issues, I would have to say there is a possibility. Logic says that if I am deficient in one area, there’s a high probability I am deficient in another. While I eat mostly whole fruits and vegetables there is no guarantee I am eating enough of the right foods for my body. I wish I were in North Carolina, because I’d stop in for a visit. I find the books listed on your site interesting. I’m going to try to add them to my collection. Thanks again for your response and sharing of this information, as I’ve always wondered about food types and their role in our bodies.

  • I’m quite an armchair researcher of health (my own) and I knew Vit C megadose protocol and have used it before for something completely different. After getting home from the hospital with a 10 on the scale of pain and a fistful of pain meds/anti-inflammatories/muscle relaxants I decided after a few days to research again and lo and behold yours is only the 2nd site I’ve found with regards to this.

    I started my megadose yesterday and last night tada no pain whatsoever….. so I’ll continue with the C and it’s nice to see it confirmed…

    thanks for your post

    cheerez and happy health

    • Hi, Lynx,

      I’m so happy to hear you got the relief you needed. Like you, I saw that there was little information available about the use of vitamin C to negate pain and assist in healing lower-back pain and sciatica. That is a major reason I decided to tell my story, in the hopes that when someone went searching as I did, they’d find it. I’m now what I’d consider 99% recovered. I retain the 1%, because I’m in the process of releasing some of the weight I accumulated while being immobilized. 😉 I no longer require daily maintenance on the vitamin C, and should do an update post. I’m back to hiking a mountain near me, biking, etc. I do, however, from time to time, prepare a glass if I feel achy in the regions where I suffered the pinched nerve. As quickly as the vitamin C makes it into my system, the pain goes away. I can get longwinded, but suffice to say, thanks for sharing your good news.

  • Good to read this. I have long been an advocate of vitamin C. When I was in my late twenties and early thirties I had a daily bronchial cough and deep wheezing in my chest. Doctors just scared me that it would turn into something terrible with no advice.
    I started taking 1000 to 2000 mg vitamin c daily and it disappeared completely after so many years. It is now twenty plus years! A couple of years ago I had a bout of trouble breathing. I thought it was my heart. I had all the tests, and then I was referred to a pulmonologist. He revealed slight upper chest area asthma. I upped the vitamin C and it went away immediately. Every time I felt it, I would pop 500 mg. and it would go away immediately. It is no longer a problem. Now, I have some wierd sciatic problems that I haven’t investigated yet, and will, just to be on the safe side since it has reached the six month mark. I am just really scared it might get worse since they come and go daily. If it is a herniated disc which I am assuming, bar anything more dangerous, (wierd sensation in my second toe, pulls in the sides of my leg and sometimes the other, etc.), I want to heal it, if that is possible. So I will up my vitamin C and see. Thanks for this article. My 28 year old daughter also has a slight stenosis and lumbar disc herniation which looked really bad on the MRI, so I am going to get her to up her daily vitamin C…because when she gets hit, she gets hit bad pain wise and disability wise. I just started emptying a 1000 vitamin c capsule in water, and like you said it tastes like lemon water. Not bad at all! (the capsules are too big for me to swallow)…
    Blessings, and I am so glad that you are well now!

    • Thank you for sharing your story! I keep hearing more and more about how vitamin C has been the answer for many others. I’m no doctor and don’t play one on TV, but the sensation in the big toe and pulling at the side of the leg does sound like a pinched nerve. I had similar symptoms. Every now and then, I’ll get a little burning on my small toe now, and I just take a dose of vitamin C and burning goes away. I’ve been back on my feet almost a year now, and I’m not taking any of it for granted. I keep a jar of vitamin C on hand, so anytime I need it, it’s there. Others in the house have found it to work excellently for them as well. My daughter’s asthma is non-existent when she goes on the vitamin-C regimen. It’s great when you find something that really works, and doesn’t come with a boatload of side effects. Best to you and your daughter. I’d like to hear back how it helped with the sciatica.

    • Hi Allie,

      My boyfriend has stenosis and a bulging disk. Looked horrible on the MRI! 🙁 Has your daughter now tried Vitamin C for relief? I would love to hear if this is working for her or not.

      Thank you,


      • Hi Brandy,
        She hasn’t been consistent because she works crazy hours and is often too busy to think about taking her vitamins. She is coming to stay with me for a couple of months, and will try to get her on the protocol daily then..In any case, it won’t hurt him, so have him take alot and see if it helps. I am so upset about hearing so many young people suffering from ailments they should not have at their age–I am also going to look into having her go gluten free for a month–my research is showing evidence that one of the reasons may be this type of food allergy, thus allowing bad bacteria into the body and not enough good nutrition to be absorbed…

  • Thanks for sharing this pain relieving method! My situation is a bit different because I am dealing with discogenic pain (pain from a degenerative disc and inflammation coming from the disc), so I am wondering if this method will work for me since blood flow to the inside of a disc is extremely limited? I am starting day number 4. Day 1 – 20k mg; Day 2 – 25k mg; Day 3 – 30k mg; and today I am going to up it to 35k mg. I have yet to receive the desired pain relief, but I am hoping that I just haven’t taken the correct dosage yet. Thanks again for sharing!

    • I apologize for just getting back to you. Since I have full use of my legs, I don’t spend as much time at the computer. Chalk that up to a lesson learned, more than anything. Sitting is the devil. LOL I hope by now you’ve experienced some relief and that you kept at it. There’s no guarantee that your pain will stop immediately. You should gradually begin to experience a decreased level of pain; however, if you’ve had any type of back surgery to attempt to correct the issue, I’ve heard from many that no relief came. I didn’t take it and was able to immediately go back to bending, stooping, walking rapidly, etc., by the next day. I also had herniated and degenerative discs. I would also suggest that you look into herbs and spices such as ginger, cayenne and slippery elm to help cut down on inflammation. Much of the pain comes from inflammation and pressure of the discs on nerves and arteries. Best to you on your journey back to wellness.

    • Hey, just browsing thru this blog again and thought id comment, though it may be two years to late. When you take vitamin c, I have found that acetic acid, the base form of vitC, is worthless. If you have the powder, read the label and see if it’s acetic acid. If it is, throw it away. Get absorbic acid. That is a much better form of vitamin c. Case in point, I tried vitamin c mega dosing first time four days ago. The tablets almost nearly nullified my pain, from a 5-6 to a 2-3, which is totally dealable. But I bought a bottle of crystals (acetic) to use instead. Took almost 26k mg of it, and felt horrid. Research. 3 times the absorption rate on absorbic acid over acetic. It apparently matters. Hope this helps!

  • I just started mega dosing with Vit C & already noticed a great reduction in pain on day 2. I have herniated discs C5, C6 L5, S1. I have sciatica running down my left buttock, leg, foot! My pain level is always 5-10. I have been taking 600mg of lyrics daily & 20mg of percocet every 6 hours! I am a nurse & have been on disability for almost 6 months! Tonight is the first time I am going to bed without narcotics! I am amazed & hopeful!

    • Beautiful! Considering your line of work, you NEED your legs and your feet to be in tip-top shape. By the way, thank you for your service.

      I also had to take a 6-month leave of absence so that I could focus on healing. Mine was also on the left side. The narcotics did no good, and I’m glad I wasn’t one to build a dependency on them. I grew more frustrated with their lack of effectiveness than anything else. I didn’t need to sleep all day, I needed to be able to sit on the daggoned toilet or get something out of a lower cabinet. When I started on the vitamin C was when I got on the road to healing.

      I will that you’re making good progress. It is a journey, but with the vitamin C, I know that every day got better for me. I’m going to do an update post, so I can share with others how well I’m doing. I’ll even post snippets of my MRI, so they can see how far I came. That most times, doctors are pressing you to have surgery at the point I’d gotten to. I was completely immobilized, barely able to do anything for myself in the way of basic tasks.

  • hi and thank you for your article, i am starting a cure of vitamin C as i write this, i am in pain with sciatica, herniated disc since 2008, i got the same problems as yours and i also never wanted surgery at least until i try (almost everything ) to heal the pain. as a chef and 40 years old i have been to pilates, chiropractors, PT, and now i am about to get steroids injection in september, i think it could only help at this point and after so many years of pain. i will keep doing the vitamin C no matter what but in the meantime i wanted to know what do you think.
    again great article thanks.

    ps: i am French so am sorry if i made any grammar mistakes.


    • Wow, Sebastien, it seems we’ve been to some of the same places. I did, however, steer clear of the steroid injections, because they have a tendency to increase the inflammation as they wear off, since they block the response initially.

      Inflammation is NOT your friend when dealing with herniated discs and the ensuing sciatica. I refused the surgery, and I’m glad I did. A friend of mine who was suffering the same thing at the same time, went for the surgery. He’s worse off today. It doesn’t help he’s a news producer, and needs to be on his feet constantly. He’s now on medical leave, because he just can’t do it. The problem with surgery is that it removes the disc or a portion thereof and the body is so particular about every organ and bone being in its rightful position that when something is missing, it places the body out of alignment. That’s why it’s better (at least, for me) to allow the herniation to go away than to remove pieces of bone, leaving a vacant space. My discs bulged so much, I was leaking spinal fluid from my nostrils, but I knew surgery was not an option.

      I had a specialist attempt to talk me into doing the steroid injections in conjunction with the vitamin C, but I knew that would only make the vitamin C have to work harder, because whereas the body doesn’t see the introduction of vitamin C as foreign and develop a response to fight against its intrusion, it does see the introduction of most drugs as foreign, therefore developing a response which leads to the production of more inflammation/mucus.

      Also, you may want to look into physiotherapists (not to be mistaken as physical therapists). Once the vitamin C had begun to offer me something in the way of relief, I began a regular schedule with one. My physiotherapist was wonderful. She really had a good understanding of body dynamics and extensive experience in working with those suffering from sciatica. She knew the right kinds of stretches and exercises that could relieve the pressure of the herniated discs, thereby relieving pressure on the nerves that were causing the pain. As it stands, I’m 45 and going strong! I’d love to hear how the vitamin C is working for you and at what point you began the megadosing.

  • Thank you for your testimony! I have herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and an xray of my discs showed they are just lines! L4 and L5. I have been doing everything possible to avoid surgery but things seem to just be getting worse. I am going to go buy some vitamin C tonight as I’m out, but wanted to ask… have you had another MRI to show if healing has happened or is it just pain relief? I’m very inspired by your story. Hopefully I will have an awesome story to share as well. And the info on needing adequate vitamin C to absorb vitamin D is sooo helpful for me! Thank you!!!!

    • You are welcome! I’m glad to see that more people are seeking out ways other than surgery and pills to resolve their back issues. I have not had another MRI, because the doctor I was seeing is peeved that I didn’t have the surgery and refuses to refer me for another to prove that I’ve healed. She believes that surgery is the only way to be sure, even though I’m up and running again, literally. She had the surgery she’s trying to push on me, and she spends a lot of time out of work due to it, and also suffers from having one leg shorter than the other. I no longer take the vitamin C for regular maintenance. Every blue moon I might take it if I feel a little aching, but I came off the maintenance dose last year. I now workout 3 times a week at the gym, hike a nearby mountain, walk the trail at my local park, etc. I’m a busy beaver, with absolutely no back pain. I’d love to know how the vitamin C works for you, what megadose levels you started at and how long it was before you were able to start decreasing your dosage. UPDATE: I added a copy of my initial MRI to this blog article.

    • Hi Heidi,

      My boyfriend also has spinal stenosis and a bulging disc. We are desperately trying to find relief. Have you been taking vitamin C for your said conditions? We would love to know if this is working for you.

      Thank you!


    • Again, don’t know if I’m too late or not. By now, as most sane people do, you’ve researched your illness and know your not alone. Now, vitamin c is a really important vitamin. We can’t make it internally, and we can’t store it internally, but EVERY process in healing starts with vitamin C! Discs? They can regenerate slowly, but vitamin C is key to it! It helps build the collagen you need for your discs, the cartilage and muscles to support them, and reduces inflammation. But you need far more than the “necessary” 100mg or whatever the FDA says you need. Do you know what the daily dose of vitamin C cures or prevents? Scurvy! That’s it! When did you last hear about someone miraculously cured of scurvy without hearing an “ARRRR!” After? Our bodies need much more to help with keeping us healthy, and to promote healing. Oh yeah, helps with absorption of other vitamins and minerals to. So if you take all these vitamins to keep you healthy and only a minimal amount of C, you have done 0 favors for yourself.

  • hi, i am also having a l5s1 disc bulge and degeneration. loss of strength in my legs, and limited range of mobility. i am going to try out by taking vitamin c everyday after reading your experience. is it like possible to provide a after and before mri? to see if the discs really heal back to its original?

    it would really be a miracle that the cure is in our daily life and cheap. regenerative medicine is always better than invasive like surgery. i have also read up on people trying out stem cell therapy (regeneex) and didn’t really had good feedback with it. apparently stem cells doesn’t thrive at healing disc related problems i guess. info for anyone having lower disc problems and looking for a cure. 🙂

    • Ooooh, I remember those days of having to literaly lift my leg with my hands and place it where I needed it to be. It was almost as if it had turned to liquid. I had zero flexibility, to the point it affected my right side as well. The other day I shouted in the gym, because I can finally touch nose to knee again. I know the doctor I was seeing will not refer me for another MRI, because she’s upset I didn’t have the surgery, which I clearly can see, I did not need, but I am going to look into other doctors to see if I can find one. I’ll bring them my old MRI and show them why I feel it’s necessary to have another. I’d love to know how the vitamin C works for you, what megadose levels you started at and how long it was before you were able to start decreasing your dosage. Please keep me updated. UPDATE: I added a copy of my initial MRI to this blog article.

  • Hello to everybody on this site.I hurt my back at work in late 2012.Resulting in me having a prolapsed disk L5/S1 First I went to the hospital,and after a quick examination was told “you have a bad back” The day after I went to the Doctors and was prescribed painkillers,The pain was like nothing I had ever experienced before.Over the next few months I tried various types of medication,but nothing worked.By chance I watched a documentary type program on Netflix called “Food matters” One of the experts in the program was called Andrew Saul,and I thought he made a lot of sense about food & nutrition etc.I googled his name and found he had a website called doctor recommended high doses of vit c which I tried.After about 4 days of mega dosing vit c I could not believe the difference.I was back into work the following week.

    • Hi, Gary. It’s great hearing from someone else who met with success megadosing vitamin C. I can’t speak highly enough of how much it helped me. It feels so good to have my life back! Thanks for sharing your story.

    • It was ascorbic acid in powder form. I currently use the Solgar brand. During my healing phase, I used the 365 brand that Whole Foods carried, before moving to Solgar. I really like the latter brand. The Whole Foods brand did get the job done, though. I just think the Solgar brand dissolves quicker in water.

  • For those people talking about herniated discs you need copper to strengthen the annulus wall of the disc and actually lower vitamin c intake because mega dosing of C will cancel out the copper. And if you have bone spurs due to herniated disc because the body is trying to fuse itself like a splint take magnesium. The same way your so eager to up C dosage experiment with this for a month. You can always go back. Also glucosamine collagen type 1 and 2 and chondrotin.

    • Thanks for sharing, Mike. Every body’s body is different, so what worked for me, might not work for someone else. You sharing this, gives others alternatives. In my case, my copper levels remained fine. Matter of fact, I’d had increased copper levels at one time due to a certain medical device, so regular checkups in that regard is what kept me informed of my levels. Megadosing was the only added regimen that decreased the pain and allowed me to heal. When I stopped taking the vitamin C, early on, the pain and loss of functioning returned. As soon as I resumed megadosing vitamin C, the pain decreased and functioning began to return. I can see how, over time, megadosing on anything can begin to stall or reverse the healing process or cause other issues. Megadosing is not something most people who do this regimen do long-term. I no longer megadose. The minute my pain was manageable (in my case, really, gone), and I was functioning, I did a withdrawal from the megadose schedule. I have not had to return, since regaining full functioning and alleviation of pain in 2014. Thanks again for your recommendations. Hopefully, this is helpful for someone experiencing disc issues.

      Side Note: Considering so many of us are actually vitamin-C deficient, I wouldn’t suggest that others lower their vitamin-C intake. Low levels of vitamin C can cause a host of problems, bone density being one of them. This is why those who had little-to-no vitamin-C intake developed scurvy. I do believe the lack thereof contributes to bone thinning and weakening of the spinal structure. So, I’m not telling anyone to megadose long term, but I see nothing wrong with short term mega dosing, if it helps toward getting a body back to 100 percent. The body responds when it’s receiving too much of anything, including vitamin C. Stools tell stories. 😉

  • Hi all I have multiple disc issues with sciatica badly damaged disc in l5 but Mri doesn’t look too bad now it used to be a 9 mm bulge now is down to 4 mm but still have same amount of pain contemplating surgery or stem cell injection but I will try this first however I will be using the liposome c recipe does anyone know how many mg of liposome c I should take I’m at 2000 mg last few days hard to tell yet on pain reduction

    • Hi, Bocor,

      I apologize for the delayed response. In my other life, I own a body care company which I recently relocated to a much better zip code. 😉 My time has been pretty limited these past few weeks. So, again, I apologize. Some disc leakage, as you may have found out, may reabsorb, which could be why yours is measuring less protrusion wise. The pain, however, can still take a minute to catch up to this, especially if what you’ve been using has not been effective in helping you to either heal or relieve the pain. I have not known many who have been helped by surgery, especially when it comes to spinal fusion or removal of spinal bone. The body is a possessive entity. It does not like organs, tissues, bones, etc., removed. Even the smallest removal means a shifting of everything to compensate for the removal. When this happens, you never know what the outcome might be. But to answer your question, I’ve never used liposome C. Hopefully, there’s someone here with personal experience. Nothing beats personal experience. I do, however, suggest searching the Internet to see how much others may have taken before they experienced pain relief. I’d love to get an update on your situation, including the measures you took.

  • Hi Nandi! I used to be a bike racer and I got my herniated disc in 2009 – L4/L5 -. Since than I have been dealing with that problem. I work out my core 4 times per week and stretch my back 2 times per day but I still feel pain. Today, after reading your article, I started taking Vitamin C Powder as you took. My question. How long do I have to take – I presume 25 mg per day – Vitamin C mega dose? And when I feel better, how much do I have to take to keep the inflammation away?
    I really like your article. Let’s see if that works for me.
    Thank you

    • Hi, Roberto,

      I hate to hear you’re experiencing the pain of herniated discs. I’m hoping the vitamin C can give you some relief. In regards to how much, I actually took 2,500 mg every two hours. You’ll find in the article where I outlined my dosage. I don’t believe that 25 mg per day would be sufficient for pain relief. I’d love to hear how it works for you. Stay in touch.

  • Thank you for posting this, Nandi. This article gave hope to me since my sister is currently suffering from Lumbar Spine Prolapsed disc and is in severe pain. However, she is currently breastfeeding and hence I am concerned about this Megadosing for a continued period. I understand you took about 2500 mg every 2 hours when you were in pain, but can you confirm how long you had to continue at this dosage before you lowered it and finally discontinued? I would appreciate your response as we are eager to try this out to see if this will help alleviate the pain.

    • Hi, Jini,

      Sorry to hear your sister is experiencing such pain. I do want you to know, though, that I was also nursing during the time I took the vitamin C. Now, I’m not saying for your sister to do the same, but this was my experience. The body will tell you when you can lower it, because you’ll develop bowel tolerance. I spoke about this in the article. Once you reach bowl tolerance, you bring the dose down to the point it subsides. When you reach bowel tolerance at that level, you drop it again and again, until you’re no longer taking a significant amount. Everyone’s bowl-tolerance limit is different, so she’ll have to pay attention to the signs. I’d love to know if she is able to achieve any relief. Please report back to us. Thanks, and best to your sister.

  • Hi nandi, (I’m going to apologize right now for the forthcoming novel LOL)
    Today is the day I take the time to say “thank you” properly to you. Seriously, I don’t want this to sound corny, but you literally changed my life. I wanted to give myself a good week’s worth of time to make sure this was really happening LOL! In 2014 I began working out after being primarily sedentary for the past 18 years raising my children, and working a desk job most of my adult years. So once the last baby began half-day nursery school I decided it was time to get my body back! I started working out 3-4 times a week and was pretty vigorous with my workouts and I think my body was in complete shock. I had a couple of hamstring pulls and was feeling very tender in the adductor area, but I kept on going without realizing I was probably hurting myself with that “feel the burn” mentality. My working out days came to a halt and 2 years later, I have severe hip/groin pain on both sides, which one doctor says I have hip osteoarthritis based on an mri and then I had a back mri which showed an L4 on L5 problem causing canal stenosis etc etc…a real mess to say the least. So I’m thinking I may not have hip arthritis, I think it’s stemming from my spinal issues that’s creating the painful hips and groin pain. I went to the gym to feel good and this is how it ends up? LOL! Anyhow, on top of those issues, about 2 months ago, probably based on how I’ve been walking to compensate for the pain elsewhere, I developed the most excruciating case of sciatica. Never in my life have I experienced such a debilitating, horrible pain such as this nerve pain. I literally was losing my mind. I seriously would do my 3 c-sections over again compared to this horrendous nerve pain. Now given I’ve already been having hip and groin pain for the past year and a half, this only added insult to injury and sent me reeling and writhing in self-pity and debilitating pain. I couldn’t concentrate, pay attention to my husband or children, I was just immersed in my own pain and my life and every thought was about MY OWN DAMN PAIN…it took over my every waking thought. It started at the crack of dawn, I’d awaken and have to use the toilet to pee and would dread the moment I had to ease myself onto the seat, and cried instantly when I had to lean forward to wipe myself….it was truly awful and you lose all sense of dignity. There was noway I would allow anyone to care for my personal needs, not at the age of 49, no friggin’ way. I cried to my husband nearly every morning for 8 weeks telling him I couldn’t live this way. I was living on 1200 mg of advil day in and day out but refused to take any other medication, there had to be a way to figure this out without relying on prescription meds at some point. I went and saw a physical therapist out-of-pocket, they did NOTHING. So I sat and scoured the net for natural ways to heal sciatic nerve pain and found your blog…..thank GOD for your blog nandi. On New Year’s Eve, my husband ran to the store and picked up a two-pack of vitamin c tablets that you swallow, 500 mg per tablet. That evening I tried to swallow about 5000 mg, which is 10 tabs and man that was hard. The next morning I awoke with pain but not as severe, it hurt, I cried but I kept on pushing. It’s a learning process for sure because I ordered a powdered vit. C which should be here tomorrow. By day 4 it was so hard to swallow 30 or so tablets so I stopped and the next day I woke up in awful pain once again, so I knew right then and there the vitamin c megadosing was working. I have since graduated in my thoughts and started putting the tablets into my blender making concoctions with green tea and juice to sweeten it up a bit so I can get into my body approx 20,000 mg of vitamin c per day, in 3-4 intervals and making sure my last dose is at bedtime. My nerve pain is gone. I was having spasms each time I’d sit down to do bills or just do any kind of work at my pc for more than ten minutes. My left butt cheek would spasm and the pain would shoot down thru the side of my knee and calf area to my foot, it was absolutely horrendous. It’s gone!!! I literally can’t believe that within a ten day span of time, my nerve pain is GONE! Something so simple as vitamin c taking away a debilitating nerve pain, it’s shocking to me and wonder why not more people are aware of this? Yes, I have issues with the hip/groin which I’ve been working on daily with my recumbent bike and now I’ve ordered an at-home back traction machine to help with the spinal issues, but at least I can go back to treating those issues naturally again without dealing with the excruciating nerve pain, I was just swallowed up and shutting down and felt defeated quite honestly. I can’t thank you enough for writing about this cheap, natural miracle….you’ve changed my life. The worst 8 weeks of my life, just gone within days, it just baffles me. I’m so grateful nandi, thank you so much again. Big hugssss!! My family thanks you!!! LOL!!!

    • Hi, Marie! I am soooooo happy to read your novel. This is the best novel I’ve read this month. LOL I have experienced so much of what you’re saying. The inability to go to the toilet, cringing at the thought of getting out of bed, wanting to just end it all. You live WITHIN your pain when it’s as bad as sciatica pain. I have birthed six children, and never did I consider labor to be as horrid as the pain I experienced due to the compressed nerves. Labor ends in a few hours. Sciatica can go on for days, months, years. Such a simple remedy has brought SO many others the same healing I have received, that there’s no way I can be convinced by anyone that it’s a placebo effect or fluke. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know family life has to be nice these days. 🙂

  • Hi Nandi! I’m glad that vitamin c has helped with your back pain and thank you for this awesome article! I know how bad it can be because my wife is having problems with her back. I read that she should have rejected the surgery.:( The doctors really suck it’s like they only care about money. I want to ask do you think there is still hope for her if I start giving her a large amounts of vitamin c? I hate seeing her in pain and it really saddens me. I want to do what I can to help her. I have actually started giving her vitamin c in tablet form of 1000mg twice a day. So should I give her the powder form. Please help I want her to feel better.

    • Hi, Belvin,

      With the surgery, there are no guarantees, but, hey, it’s worth a try. If you’ve given it that try for a few weeks, I’d love to know how things are working out. Vitamin C does have analgesic qualities, so it could help some with the pain, if nothing else. It’s unfortunate she didn’t come to learn of a more conservative approach prior to the surgery. Yes, these surgeons are all about making the money. YOU are the one who has to live with the outcome. My family doctor was so upset with me for not doing the surgery as recommended by the orthopedic surgeon that she refused to refer me elsewhere for more conservative approaches. Good thing my insurance is PPO, so I could self-refer, but there are some doctors that won’t allow you to self-refer to them. They will only take you on the word of your primary doctor. Luckily, I was able to circumvent this. Best to your wife. I do hope she is able to obtain some relief. Again, please come back to let us know how things turn out.

    • Interjecting again. So here’s my thoughts on this (I’m no doctor). Vitamin C heals dural tears in the discs themselves. It’s proven. It builds inside and heals outside. When a doctor cuts a piece away, what are you left with? A hole that needs filling, a cut that needs healing, and plenty of god-forsaken inflammation. So, vitamin c may not repair it to good as new, but in my theory, it should heal it to satisfactory levels. Theory of course, but the logic is sound.

  • I’m going to test this. I’ve had a C5 herniation and *think* it’s causing major pain in my collar bones. Will give this vitamin c test a week or so and update here with the results.

    • Hi, Ethan,

      I’d love to hear if you get the same relief. You’d be the first I know trying it for spinal issues higher up. Do come back and let us know how it goes. Best to you.

  • Hi – I happened upon your site after i discovered Vit. C and my lumbar disc flare-up. While in the midst of my own L4-L5 painful flareup ( this time without my former dreaded concurrent sciatica from hip to knee), I also managed to come down with a bad case of viral flu and a bacterial infection of my sinuses and lungs (bringing-up brown and greyish frothy phlegm). While bedridden a box came to the door from a company i had ordered my usual K2 and D3, along with a jar of Vit. C (Esther-C) which i had ordered on a whim – i had bought the Vit-C on a whim!
    After taking 2 doses of C i found my herniated disc was already 50% improved, i could walk with pain and not limping too much. After another two days of Vit-C my pain was 80% gone, my lung secretions were clearing, and i could suddenly smell and taste, something which had been gone for several weeks.
    Now, two weeks later i am still taking C – no pain, normal walk, no flu, no lung or sinus problem, can taste and smell better than in years (a chronic sinusitis problem).
    I regard this as a personal minor-miracle.
    I couldn’t believe when i came upon your experience – i would have never believed Vit-C could do so much and that i had found someone with a similar experience. Thank-you.

    • Hi, Mike,

      I’ve been meaning to comment on YOUR comment for the past few weeks. Yes, it is indeed exciting and reaffirming when I come across others or people like you leave comments about getting the same results. Like you, I came up on the knowledge that it works quite by accident. I’m happy you were able to get the relief you needed, because we both know sciatica is no fun. It can put a stop to life as we know it. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

  • For whatever reason I stopped it shortly after making the original posting. Here I am in April and woke up to tingling in my left hand that is most likely the C5 disc.

    I was doing some research again and your site popped up. This has to be a sign….

    Went to the health food store and bought some Alive organic vitamin c in powder form.

    Going to try it and see. If I don’t see results with it, I’m goi going to switch to the brand you shown above.

  • My last comment was from April 10th. Today is April 20th and here are some updates to my problems: I was having the following issues: 1. Waking up with severe stiffiness/aching, 2. Random joint pain, 3. aching from neck from C5 herniation and some other small things.

    After reading this site I decided to take Vitamin C again, but wanted to get something easy on the stomach as the previous times gave me severe heartburn at night.

    Started with – Alive – Vitamin C powder. My doses were: 500mg every hour, anywhere from 8-10 doses. During this time I did bump the number up to 1000mg every hour, but that started to make my stomach uneasy. The doses have been daily since April 10th.

    Here is where things get interesting:

    Over the next few days I wake up and expect my body to feel stiff/sore. This was not the case and my pain levels dropped from a 6/7 to a 2/3. I thought “This can’t be true and probably won’t last”. Each day the pain levels hovered from: 1/2 to a 2/3 depending on what I was doing.

    I also noticed some tiny small sores on my legs started to clear up.

    My neck still has some pain, but its not as severe as before. The tingling in my left hand has went from a 7/8 to a 2/3 and sometimes a 1.

    Yesterday evening I started to think about why Vitamin C was helping. So I sat down and wrote out when my problems first started and what happened during that time. I had gall bladder surgery in 2010 with a umbilical hernia repair. Afterwards is when all of these things started up.

    Someone had mentioned online not too long ago to research scurvy. I was skeptical about this and didnt bother with it.

    A week ago my dog was found to have lyme disease but her body fought it off and she no longer has it. The vet stated that I should think about getting tested. The results came back negative. I was at this point, hoping it was just to figure out whats going on.

    After feeling better but still frustrated, I googled my problems in one search. The interesting thing that kept popping up was “scurvy”.

    About 3 months after my surgery in 2010 I developed small dots on both of my legs. So many that the doctors thought I had poison ivy or something else. They treated me with double IV’s and it eventually went away.

    Knowing that I had that among other issues all these years, I started to read about scurvy.

    Almost 99% of my symptoms matched and after talking to my wife she even stated “I think you may have finally found the problem”.

    I can’t say that it is 100% scurvy, but after eliminating all these other things(arthritis, lyme and various other testing) it sure seems like it is.

    Another interesting article I read was the ability to absorb nutrients after any type of stomach/gall bladder surgeries. In late 2010, my hair was falling out and I had really bad dandruff. Never in my life had I ever dealt with it.

    There are many other things over the years like an enlarged spleen, liver problems, pineal cyst, thyroid issues. All of these have resolved or almost resolved due to me changing my diet and eating right. But, I never “felt” better.

    I am going to continue to take vitamin c daily and post my results in a month or so here. If this has been the issue all along, I will be sure to make others aware of this problem.

    • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. I just read a journal article this evening that spoke about the growing vitamin C insufficiency among the population. I’m trying to imagine how many other’s symptoms of vitamin C deficiency are thought to be something else. I’d certainly like to know how the vitamin C helps. I look forward to hearing from you a month from now.

  • I’ve commented above, but I’ll leave my own personal story. Before that, I want to say. Thank you Nandi! This blog is an amazing crucible. I am hoping others come onto it. One person can be dismissed easily for their shambling rants of ‘miracle’ cures. But an entire comment base is hard to say meh to.

    Anyway, two months ago approximately I was at work moving boxes. Something slipped in my back. Three hours later, excruciating pain and muscles spasms for over three days. Could hardly walk. Chiropractic helped a little in this time. Cut to ten days later. Pain went from a walking 10 and sitting 8 to a easy 1 maybe. Work again. Moved a small item and felt that familiar slip again. This time, almost no pain in the back…but by god was the leg pain excruciating! I worked on for thirty minutes before calling it quits right there, and limped to the car.

    Chiropractic visits for another two and a half weeks before finally getting an MRI. Turns out L4-L5 disc protrusion/extrusion of the left side, 7mm by 12mm. Big bulge and leaking material. Doctor put me on steroids which helped initially. PT to help with movement. Went back to work (finally!), But was only able to do 4 to 6 hours initially. It’s all standing and walking, which is hard when your pain level is 6 to 8 when you stand or walk.

    The thigh pain was intense! Burning of my upper thigh! Knee pain! My lower leg felt like someone poured gas on it and lit it on fire. Awful!

    Cut to four days ago. I came upon this blog and other things. I googled “miracle cure for herniated disc” because why not? Now, Im not overly gungho about these things, but I figured it couldn’t hurt right? Bought a vitamin c supplement in pill form. Took ten (5000mg) the night before. Next day, my normal 5-6 on the pain scale was a 2…maybe! I continued popping the chewables all day, til I left work after 8 hours! My first 8 hour shift! I immediately went to the nearby vitamin store and got a bottle of crystals. Bad idea. The crystals were acetic acid. And as I later found out, not only is acetic acid not as effective as it’s cousin absorbic acid, but it also makes you hit your vitamin c overload far faster then normal. So another bottle of chewies later, and tonight I’m sitting on a 3 pain scale. Not great, but much better then before. Ordered two bags of absorbic acid crystals online tonight. Going to start heavy dosing soon as they arrive. Til then I’ll live on vitamin c pills.

    That’s my story. I’ll hop on and update in a few days, then again when my crystals come.

    To everyone out there with this pain! Please do not give up hope! We are a community, and you are not alone!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m amazed at how many people have come here and shared how vitamin C helped them to get back to living, when surgery and everything else had failed. Heck, when doctors gave side eyes at the mention of it and, instead, suggested treating our ailments with surgery or steroids. Thank you for emphasizing to others the importance of ensuring that it’s ascorbic acid they should be using. I’d love to receive updates on you. Just as you did, others are reading, others are out there, trying to, literally, get back on their feet.

      • Hi ! I think that doctors and big pharma dislike it when us ordinary folk do what’s called “folk medicine” and remain close to the earth. I agree that surgery is needed in some cases, but if it’s just knee pain, joint pain, maybe it’s something simple like dehydration or lack of V-C… Thanks for the article. I posed my own comments.

          • Back again! Updating my original post. Woke up today, about three weeks into the vitamin c overload mega dosing. I have had a pain scale today between a 0 and 1. All day. My back barely hurts. My leg has a twinge when I stand. Hardly noticeable.

            Had a doctor’s appointment today. I told him that I was doing great, and he asked what I’ve been doing. I told him I was still using the mega dose vitamin c. Told him I’ve scaled back to about 10000mg a day. He basically laughed and said (and I almost quote) “you don’t need that much. 1000mg a day is really all you need. You just piss out the rest.” To which I almost replied to him to just f off, but I kept it civil and said “but you release a lot of vitamin c in your system, and this keeps the level up throughout the day doesn’t it?” He grudgingly agreed.

            As it was stated above, doctors tend to believe what they know or think they know, and as I’ve seen now, the older doctors tend to be more about modern medicine and old practices then earth science and body mechanics.

            Again, thank you Nandi for your blog. I’ll update again when I can. I have ordered liposomal vitamin C to see if it’s any better. the absorption rate is supposedly much higher, so lower doses are needed that do the same work. I continue to drink a LOT of water, for hydration of the disc. I also see the chiropractor often. Hopefully, the disc perks up and she can manipulate it back into place. That’s my hope. Until then, hope all is well with all us back pain and leg pain sufferers out there! Til next time!

  • I bumped into this blog. I don’t take Vitamin C in huge doses. 500mg twice a week. I upped it to 1000mg every other day due to stomach upset concerns and backpain slowly went away over 2 weeks. I had debilitating pain for more than a month.

    Funny I pop lots of Vitamin D over winter not much Vitamin C.

    My conclusion is Vitamin C is a collagen & connective tissue booster, therefore, minimal reduction of connective tissue can be mitigated by good supplementation of Vitamin C.

    After what Steve Kerr said about back surgery etc. it’s a good idea to play with the supplements, PT & exercise. Stay away from doctors.

  • Wow, Loved your article. I am 57 and have noticed issues with my body’s aging and although I am relatively in good health and play sports and am active, the tell-tale signs of getting on in years is evident some days. Last night, I went to bed with a sore back that turned out to be sciatica. My hips and nerves running down my thighs were on fire and I was unable to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. I had been taking V-C for joint and knee maintenance and recently been neglecting my 1500mg daily dose…well, within two weeks, this back pain and some knee pain started up. I got out of bed in the middle of the night and took 1500mg of V-C and when I woke up this morning, my back and knees felt like they were 30 yrs old again. Pretty well lubricated and relatively painless. I believe in getting to the root of the cause rather than reaching for a prescription medication to alleviate the pain. Most of our illnesses are caused from lack of proper nutrients or over medicating and this may cause other symptoms. My only concern is that people may not research enough when looking for natural alternatives. All medications, whether manufactured or natural, are medications based on chemical components. We still must be diligent in our research and go accordingly. I have a very good book that has stood the test of time (unless someone can confirm otherwise) called “The Vitamin Bible” by Earl Mindell. He has a newer version called “The New Vitamin Bible”. He explains all the ins and outs of vitamins and doses and why they are needed. Most Gov’t daily intake values are fractions of what we really need. Good luck and know that V-C really does do wonders!!! Thank you!

    • Exactly Irene! The daily dosage for vitamin C that they tell us to take cures! Know what it cures? Scurvy! Which is great, because I’m always reading about the thousands of people dying from scurvy every year…(end of sarcasm). The problem I have with modern medicine is everything is a pill now. And the problem with pills is they mostly mask your pain. They do nothing for you as a human being. Painkillers anyway. They don’t address the cause, they address the symptom. It’s like getting into a fight and thinking about icing the punch to your face instead of thinking about dodging it. We are always so quick to ice the punch, never to give lessons on dodging!

      • One last update from me! I’m extremely impressed with liposomal vitamin c! It seems to absorb better then the other powders and pills. I’ve been taking 4000mg a day, 2k in the am, 2k in the pm. Phenomenal! Whereas before I had a slight twinge, now it’s absolutely gone! Nada, zip, zero. It’s spendy in the pill form, but to get your pain to a lower level fast, it’s my uneducated non-doctors opinion that you take liposomal. I have read anywhere from 2k to 8k a day. Find out what works best I suppose. After my liposomal is gone, I’ll continue taking 1 to 2k of the absorbate a day. Cause why not really? Anyways, this is it from me! Good luck everyone who happens upon this blog! Goodnight…and good luck.

        • Thanks for this, ChickenSkin. I’m going to pick some up. Next flareup of any of the usual, and I’m going to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  • I strained my shoulder to a level 2 strain and my shoulder was practically frozen. I have never taken opiates nor any kind of prescription. After being seen by a doctor, I was given prescriptions for a muscle relaxant and OxyContin. This combination did very little to ease the pain and restore any kind of mobility. I took the pills for one day and I was close to taking myself out when I happened to opened a book on how to doctor yourself and read how vitamin C at high amounts got rid of pain in a deep sustaining way. I took 4 grams every hour for about 4 hours and the pain just went away and did not come back at all. Within one day of taking vitamin C my shoulder was pain free and 90 percent of the movement restored. The doctor told me it would be at least three weeks before I could get back to normal. I continued to take vitamin C at about 12,000 grams per day and did not suffer any side effects, in fact my skin became healthier looking and I feel great all over. I am a true believer and I will forever follow this method for pain control.
    Age: 54 Female

    • Hi, Olivia,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I love receiving feedback from others who have taken the plunge and not regretted it. Vitamin C has become a staple in our house. We will grab it quicker than a Tylenol or anything else when it comes to pain management. Thanks again for sharing!

  • Thanks for this info!
    I have a bulging disc at C-5. I am in constant pain and have been for years.
    After reading your blog, I recently took 25-30 grams per day of C for 6 to 7 days.
    I noted NO pain relief. I did experience a lot of continual gas?! I took my doses on the hour throughout my day with lots of water.
    (I never had any loose bowels). Do you have any advice/suggestions for me? I have stopped the C and the gas/flatulence has stopped. I desire relief from this hellish pain!

    Austin, Texas

    • Hi, Michael,

      I hate to hear that you weren’t able to achieve any relief. It does sound like, however, that you might be sensitive to vitamin C in ascorbic acid form. I don’t suggest continuing with it. Someone else in the comments mentioned another form of vitamin C they’d taken. It could be worth trying. If the gas returns, then you know, period, this might not be for you, but I truly hope that the other form helps you.

      Update: It was ChickenSkin who recommended liposomal vitamin c. Should you decide to try it, please come back to share your results.

  • Hello Nandi, and thank you!
    I’ve been out of work for a herniated disk (L2&3), and so anxious to get my life back, physical therapy helped with the exercises but still there’s still pain in my low back and hip area ( my job requires constant bending, lifting, pushing, pulling and driving for hours at a time). My pain Doctor has put me on every pain pill, nerve pain, but I got bad reactions and had to stop after a week. Last week he put me on Glucosamine with Msm, so I’m taking that, but came across your blog (because of God), I just started with the powder form of Vitamin C for 2 days, and I’m noticing the difference. I’m hoping the pain will completely go away so that I can go back to work. I have faith after reading so many stories…continue to pray for me!

    • Hi, Launa,

      I apologize for taking so long to respond. I’m so happy to hear that the vitamin C has helped you. At this time, I do hope you’re on the road to recovery. I’m going to update my blog posting with this information, but also wanted to advise that when dealing with sciatica that you not wear any confining clothing, especially jeans. Certain clothing can aggravate the condition. Again, best to you in healing!

  • wow…reading through all these has just lifted my spirits on so many levels. I was 21 when I first hurt my back, and was diagnosed with a lower back disc extrusion. I did an awesome job of taking care of myself for over a decade. Staying active and keeping the weight off obviously help. 6 months ago, on APR 2ND, I stood up too quick, and POP, I couldn’t even stand up straight, and it felt like a dagger straight to my lower back. I tried to move around and stretch it out, but nothing happened. I took a muscle relaxer, a shower, and went to bed. When I woke up around 8pm, I felt paralyzed, with with pain. I couldn’t move on either side, each movement was HORRIBLE. It took me about 30 minutes to get off the bed (with help from my pregnant wife), and then I fell to the floor. It was then that I realized that I needed HELP. First time in my life that I ended up in the ER. After a cat scan, and two vicodens, they sent me home, unable to really walk. Two days later I was able to stand for a few minutes, so my wife drove me to my chiropractor, and I started back on my treatments. Fast forward a few weeks, and i’m actually recovering pretty good, but I did promise my wife that I would finally see a spine specialist. Upon entering his room, he was amazed at how good I looked, and after a few strength tests, he said I wasn’t bad at all, but still wanted an MRI. Once the results came back, he said I was a 2 outta 10, and that he wouldn’t even touch me with a needle, even if I begged him, let alone operate on me. I was happy to hear the news, and he recommended physical therapy. He said I had anular tears, and two bulging discs, but nothing major. I found PT to be very helpful, and motivating for me. I was doing safe, but pretty tough exercises that I didn’t even know I can do (sometimes we limit ourselves so much mentally, that it actually tells the body that WE CANT, when in reality WE CAN). Two months later (now we’re in june/july), and i’m done with PT, and the PT DR. tells me that i’m ready to work out lightly, and recommended I hire a personal trainer that specializes in injuries, and I did just that. After a few sessions, I felt great, and even she was amazed at how I was able to do certain things, all while having bulging discs. After a few weeks, I started to feel some irritation again, and my lower back started to feel very brittle, like if I can snap at any wrong movement. I ignored it, and thought it was just my body getting back to my routine. After a few days, I started to notice that I couldn’t sit for long periods of time without feeling a burning sensation on my lower back. I told my trainer, and she recommended I go see a new chiropractor. I did, and he ended up being impressed with me also. Saying that my mobility is pretty good, and he thinks it might not even be my discs. He thinks it’s my SI joints. So we start treatment twice a week, and i’m starting to feel ok. Some days I feel awesome, and even better than way before I got hurt (since 21 I’ve been used to having a bad back. Nothing crazy, but you sort of get used to it to where it’s normal). I was feeling awesome, and so motivated. That wore off quick, as I started having episodes here and there again. Nothing major, but still, we all know our own body and being uncomfortable is something that we know our body is trying to tell us something. He recommended I stop working out for a while, and continue my chiropractic care with him. After a few weeks, I didn’t feel any huge difference, aside from a few good/ok days here and there. I was so frustrated that it started to depress me, and give me tons of anxiety, which was something I never suffered from before. Not necessarily the pain, but just knowing I might not every be normal again. I stopped seeing him for a few weeks, and went to get a 2nd opinion from another specialist (my old one had told me “you’re fine, don’t come see me unless your absolutely miserably in pain”). This other dr was highly recommended and seemed very nice. Upon reviewing my MRI, he told me that I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back !!!!!!! Now I was confused, and felt an instant depression take over. He said the only thing that he could recommend (he knew I had tried everything up to that point) was a steroid injection. He reassured me that at my age, there was not huge risks, and that it would help with the inflammation, and my recovery, but that it wouldn’t heal me. I ended up getting it 3 weeks later, and was told that it takes two full weeks for it to kick in. I felt a little better, nothing crazy. I was still having those brittle moments here and there where I felt like my lower back can snap at the thought of even the slightest wind touching me, but it’s not a pain that’s 24/7 (I know, it’s kind of weird, but still super annoying and depressing), it’s more the daily uncomfort of not being able to travel far, or sit for a while. I run my own business so I sit a lot, and yes I do stand a lot also to stretch, I always have. Now, looking back at 6 months, I have a few more issues that I never had (this all started before the shot). From being so tense all the time, I have this HUGEE knot on my left shoulder blade that acts up only when I sit, or stand up straight. Walking is my absolute best friend, I don’t feel anything when I walk. Also, now when I lay down, I start feeling like a numbness on the outer parts of my thighs. No pain, just numbness. Those are two issues that I never had before, and are also super annoying. A friend of mine referred me to a holistic dr across the Mexican border that does spinal decompressions. His profession is called “alphabiotico” and it’s pretty much a spinal decompression. I have also lost 30lbs since my injury, and though I wasn’t overweight, it sure helps being lighter again. Anyways, I know my story has taken a few weird turns LOL, but i’m really tired of this already. I’m young, I have very active/athletic kids (15,12 and 8) and I feel trapped. Even though i’m not in constant pain, everyday I feel a bit sore, and brittle from my lower back. I also have a newborn at home, and thinking of my future really depresses me, especially when dr’s tell you over and over again that it’s only gonna get worst. Anyways, all these stories literally just lit up some light in my life right now, and believe me, it was needed. I’m going straight to the store tomorrow, and purchasing some vit C, to give this a try. I’m a 33 yr old male, 170lbs, and I don’t eat meat, and I try to stay away from dairy as much as I can. The holistic dr has me on natural meds that he swears is gonna cure me. I lol’d when he told me that cause the dr’s over here in the states swear that herniated discs are not curable. He has me on magnesium, turmeric, and some other stuff that tastes like crap LOL. I’m ready to give this a try, and KO my issues too. What do you recommend for someone like me ???? Brands, dosage etc etc ????? I also haven’t worked out at all since my issues with the personal trainer, and I know I have to, but i’m so scared to make certain movements. I stretch out really good twice a day, but I know that I need to get back to a physical routine…. any input is much appreciated, and I hope you respond, thanks for your time !!!!

    • Hi, Fredwreck!

      Thank you so much for sharing your ordeal. And it definitely sounds like one. I know the feeling of being practically ousted by your own doctor. My primary doctor also refused to assist me any further. Her only answer was “get the surgery.” I’m so happy I don’t listen well, because by ignoring her, I am walking around today and feeling great. I can climb my local mountain and pretty much do anything 47-year-old women usually do, include chasing her six-year-old daughter.

      The brittleness you spoke about is familiar to me. I felt the same thing. So much so, I was afraid for anyone to give me any lower-back massages. Then, I had a specialist who agreed that I shouldn’t have any.

      I know by now you’ve probably tried the vitamin C powder. I do hope it worked for you. I apologize I didn’t comment earlier to help you get started, so I’m also hoping you got it right. The dosages I outlined are what I started with. I inched up and up until I reached bowel tolerance level. Once I reached that, I came down. Eventually, I would reach bowel tolerance at that level and come down more. It’s important that you spread out the doses throughout the day; this way, vitamin C is always in your system. You can’t take a dose in the morning and another at night.

      When taking it at night, be sure to rinse and brush well, because it could form acid pits in your teeth. Again, I hope you were able to get some relief. How long it takes to get relief can vary from person to person, so don’t give up after only taking it a few days, unless you find that you’re sensitive to vitamin C. In that case, I’d suggest stopping immediately. Please, update us on how you’re doing. 🙂

  • Hi Nandi, I was recently diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis. The pain was off the charts. I have a high pain threshold, but this literally would drop me to my knees. The only relief was taking steroids, which I could do only in short bursts. I was being pressed to have surgery, but due to insurance issues, that would not be possible until January. So, in the meantime, I decided to try Vitamin C therapy. Four days in and I’m virtually pain free. I have also added B12 and organic sulphur (MSM) to the regimine. A huge “thank you” for your post. It literally changed my life.

  • Hi Nandi! I’m so glad I came across your article. I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I have been battling with back pain and sciatica since 2010. After seeing different therapists, and receiving massage therapy and injections, nothing seemed to help. December of 2017 I decided I was going to have surgery. I started mega dosing twice a day on vitamin c on December 20th. As of today, I feel so much better……..I can stand longer and straighter (I walked bent over) and this is only after a month of vitamin c mega dosing. I still have pain down my right leg, hopefully that will go away too.

    • Hi, Antoinette!

      I’m so happy to hear about your success. I know the bent-over walk. Part of it for me was the result of coping with the pain that came from trying to straighten up, the other was the depression that had developed due to the pain. I guess, it all goes back to the pain. It’s great that you were able to forgo having surgery. Best to you, and may you continue to reach full healing.


  • Hey guys! Nandi, the liposomal is still great! The other to try is powder sodium ascorbate, which is a salt derivative. Much easier on the stomach then absorbic acid. Another note. The same receptors in the intestines that absorb vitamin C also absorb Glucose, though they cannot absorb both at the same time. So it is recommended that you wait 2 hours after eating or 30 minutes before eating to take vitamin c in large doses. I.e., if you eat lunch at noon, take your vitamin c at 2 or 230pm. Or take it at 11 or 1130. Otherwise you dump the excess which is a much higher quantity.

  • Hi Nandi (and community),

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve been suffering for 8 weeks with a herniated disc at C4/C5 and two bulging discs, also in my neck. This is the worst health issue I’ve ever had and the most pain I’ve ever been in.

    I’m glad I found your site because I’d really like to avoid an epidural steroid injection (ESI) and surgery.

    I went out and bought powdered vitamin C. I chose the same brand you had posted about: Solgar Pure 100% Vitamin C Crystals (L-ascorbic acid). I’ll begin a regimented and logged program tomorrow. I couldn’t wait so I just took 1/2 teaspoon (2,250 mg). I may take a little more throughout the rest of the day.

    Some quick questions, though:
    1. How’s your health in regards to disc herniations? Are you fully recovered and back to your normal self pre-injury?
    2. I remember taking a number of Emergen-C packets years ago and having to run to the bathroom. In case my body doesn’t tolerate the ascorbic acid, what else would you recommend? How about calcium ascorbate? I see ChickenSkin also mentions sodium ascorbate and liposomal. I believe if I venture to liposomal I should take less, correct? And how do I know – bowel tolerance still? For now I’m trying the one you used.
    3. Did you fast and consume only the vitamin C in water during the day, or did you still eat as you normally do?
    4. Regarding dosage, you take it every 2 hours and continue throughout the day. If you don’t reach bowel tolerance, you up the end level the next day. Once you reach bowel tolerance during a day, you stop taking it that day and resume the following day. Is that all correct? I assume the theory is that our vitamin C levels reset in the time between the last dose of the day and the first one the following morning?

    This is certainly worth a try so I’m going to embark on a megadosing trial of my own. I will certainly come back and update everyone.

    • Hi, Will!

      I apologize for taking so long to respond and post your comment. I do hope you had good results with it. To answer some of your questions:

      1) My health is wonderful in terms of the herniations. I am no longer bothered by them at all. I have regained full mobility and gone back to mountain hiking.

      2) I would go with the liposomal. Yes, you would take less. Eventually, you will need less and less of either, because you’ll eventually build bowel tolerance. By the time I did, I was feeling much better, and even a 1/2 teaspoon caused bowel tolerance.

      3) I ate normally, but of course, my water intake was increased with the added vitamin C.

      4) Once I reach bowel tolerance at a certain dosage, I lowered the dose. Every two hours I took it. When I first began, I started with low doses and then worked my way up. I wouldn’t advise to try to max out the first day or two. Take it slow and build up. It’s important to keep it in your system throughout the day, because the excess is excreted in your urine. There were times I woke up during the night at took the vitamin C as well. This was in the first couple of weeks, when I couldn’t sleep for the pain.

      I hope I provided clarity. Feel free to ask any others you may have.

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