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  • Taste of Humble Pie

    Taste of Humble Pie

    Never learned to swim | Can’t catch the rhythm of the stroke | Why should I hold my breath | Feelin’ that I might choke Parliament It wasn’t until I decided to jump into the deep end with my two youngest daughters and take swimming lessons that I found out I didn’t know nuffin’ ’bout […]

  • Go Back and Get It

    Go Back and Get It

    Have you ever heard the term Sankofa or seen it represented by a bird that looks behind to the past while its feet face forward, moving into the future? From the Twi language of Ghana, Sankofa is said to mean, “Go back and get it.” Pictured, is my crude rendition of the bird. A few […]

  • You Think You “Smaat?”

    FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING: Back in the early 90s, I was a full-time soldier during the time of Bush, Sr., and Clinton, the Negro’s first *cough* black *cough* president. If you can imagine the mind fuck that is the majority of U.S. military doctrine and trainings, coupled with the mind fuck that comes from being part […]