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  • Everything I Never Had

    Everything I Never Had

    With the holidays upon us, I’m not writing this hoping that anybody has a last-minute change of heart. We already know that when we’re committed to something, whether it be a good or bad thing, we are going to follow through. I do wish we had this type of follow through with more things of […]

  • You Think You “Smaat?”

    FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING: Back in the early 90s, I was a full-time soldier during the time of Bush, Sr., and Clinton, the Negro’s first *cough* black *cough* president. If you can imagine the mind fuck that is the majority of U.S. military doctrine and trainings, coupled with the mind fuck that comes from being part […]

  • The Rooted Ant: Home, By Any Means Necessary

    Not too long ago, I was driving home when I saw this large ant (yes, the one pictured here) stroll out of my glove box, prance across the dash and hold court near the window. It was at least the length of a push pin. I watched its antennae flicker across the doorjamb as it […]