Universal Conspiracy

Staples coupon and tonerYesterday, I went from site to site, trying to find the best deal on a HP toner to replace the magenta that is creeping up on its last days. *fade to black* Laser printers are great assets to have when running a business, and I don’t know what I’d do without mine to print product labels. Well, I have ideas, but, umm, yeah, I’m not going to share them here. *get guerilla with it*

I happen to have two laser printers: One, I use for printing my labels since it does a fabulous job and, the other, for printing everything else. The one that prints all my labels is the one that has its tongue hanging out every time I do a print job. So, as I was saying, which I’m finally getting back around to, I went on a wild goose chase for the best price on a replacement.

After checking Staples, Office Depot and Amazon, I figured Amazon, yet again, was probably going to be the best price wise, since shipping would also be free. Oh, Amazon, how I despise thee. You’re truly the Walmart of the virtual world. Bottom-dollaring everybody. *Oops, just remembered this is not about Amazon.*

Following a huge relenting sigh, I added the toner to my Amazon cart, doing everything I could to brush away the dirty feeling I get when I make an Amazon purchase. The minute I hit “checkout,” I held back and figured I’d sleep on it. My thinking was that Staples HAD to be coming with a new coupon that didn’t exclude HP toner. Don’t you hate to receive a coupon offering $5 off or some other great discount, just to find out the item you’d love to use it for is somewhere in the hodgepodge of excluded items? Umm, err, yeah, hate that.

So, anyway, I sleep on it. Wake up the next morning and go to check e-mails, and what to my wandering eyes—to all y’all who get this wrong, it’s WANDERING, for real—do I see, but a coupon from Staples for not $5 off or $10 off, but 25 whole percent off! I couldn’t have asked for all the universal properties in the world to conspire to bring about such savings.

I quickly called up my nearby Staples to find out if there were any in stock. Satisfied there were two and assured that it was impossible that anyone would be dropping in to buy two, since the universe conspired for me, not them—I’m selfish about my conspirations—I flicked on my printer, changed settings back to color (mine comes with a feature that lets you use only black when color toner is low) and printed the coupon you see here in brilliant red, black and gray coloration.

See, sometimes, if you think hard enough on something, if the universe picks up that vibe of need at a discount, you, too, can wake up to exactly what it was you desired. I do, however, suggest practicing caution in what you desire to receive, because when you get what you ask for, sometimes, you get what you ask for.

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