IMG_20140904_181155I see and hear so much bad shit, so much depressing shit, I sometimes have to intentionally steer myself to good shit. I mean that wholeheartedly. Today, I received a phone call from a family friend to let me know that someone who’d come to me for my opinion on getting UNsick following cancer treatment is in the process of transitioning due to the ravishes of the treatment he returned to in a moment of panic. *sigh*

The term treatment bothers me, especially as it’s used by the medical establishment. It’s such a sneaky little term that you almost believe it’s good for you. Let’s look at the definition: 1) the techniques or actions customarily applied in a specified situation—and one more: 2) an experimental condition.

It could be me, but neither definition instills in me a sense of security, trust or faith that things will work in my favor or that those experimenting on me know what the hell it is they’re doing. These experimenters are going with the established techniques and actions customarily applied in a specified situation, not because they’ve been proven to work MOST TIMES, but because these are the techniques and actions customarily applied in a specified situationan experimental condition. Because it’s experimental, no promises have to be made. That’s what this family friend experienced under his chosen cancer-treatment protocol.

What’s most disheartening about the entire situation is that the regimen he was following to heal his body from the treatments was actually working. That is, until he went for a checkup and an experimenter got hold of him. Used his fears to reel him back in. Back to conventional cancer treatment. Told him the treatment in combination with his less-toxic regimen could make the small bit of cancer left, go away quicker. From that point, it was all downhill. I saw it coming. With the end of things, you sometimes do. I tried to turn my head, pretend it wasn’t what it was, but today’s phone call confirmed it was exactly what it was.

I think, I’m going to take a walk outside, clear my head, see something beautiful, maybe even till the soil to ready it for new life. I’ll also say a few words on behalf of this relative of a family friend, who I now know I’ll never get to meet on my next trip home as was planned. Treatment was the case that they gave him.

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