Baby Be Mine

Baby, Be Mine

Some things you don’t overlook. You take them for what they really are and deal with them straight up. That’s what needs to be done with Ms. Madonna as she moves to kidnap another Afrikan child. Our children are a commodity to people like her, nothing more than another of her expensive baubles. While she…


The r[E]volution will not be televised

The r[E]volution Will Not Be Televised

Most of my thoughts for these blog postings stem from conversations with others. This one, in particular, confirmed something I’d known all along: the r[E]volution will not be televised. I do owe Bro. Gil Scott Heron for bringing this to my attention some years ago. But it is only now that I can truly appreciate…



A Sense of Evolvement

I’ve got blogs. More than one, to be exact. So, why another? Because to different people I have different things to say. I also have different trains of thought that I want to evaluate. That means having more than one avenue for addressing them. In this forum, I get to discuss evolution in its greatest…