Me? Apologize?

Refusing to Apologize
Me? Apologize?

A good many Blacks/Afrikans get all apologetic when it comes to vicious attacks by people of caucasoid persuasion. The caucasoid does the bad deed, and Afrikans jump up, quick to forgive, especially if television cameras are rolling. I consider this being apologetic against our own best interests. Not only that it diminishes our power when pitted against other peoples.

We do not owe any other group of people walking the face of this Earth an apology. If there is to be any apologizing, it should come from them. Not that I’d be accepting of it, considering their history of superficial- and pacification-based apologies, but still in all, the Black man, woman and child owes no one else an apology, with the exception of other Black men, women and children.
So, why is it that we are quick to make nice with those who have historically pounced upon us during our most vulnerable periods? Is there some type of chip implanted in our skulls that continues to make us give them a pass?
Is it like Brother Amos Wilson said that “what we [Blacks/Afrikans] need to get over most is our cowardice?” Or is it we’ve been taught wrong for so long, we think wrong is right? Or a mixture of both?
Go figure . . . just don’t take too long doing it. We don’t have much time. And, for that, I apologize.
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  • TELL IT!!!!

    They enslave, torture, rape, molest and murder for centuries and our response is “can’t we work this out?”

    A Black person steps on our shoe and it’s I’ma kill you, your friends, ya mama, ya daddy, ya sister, ya brother, ya goldfish etc.

    My theory is that the energy that is generated from all that we’ve been through with bockra doesn’t actually dissipate and go away. It exists and has to be released, but we’re redirecting it upon each other. If we could reverse it and have that cooperative energy among ourselves and the war energy rerouted to THEM, we could resolve this mess in our lifetimes.


  • That’s exactly my point, so you understand my lack of understanding when I hear my people hollering about duplicating the model of an oppressor. We cannot come at our brothers and sisters in the same way that an oppressor can and not be seen as their true enemy. We even say what’s considered the wrong thing and some of our people are so backwards in their thinking, they’ll set out to destroy us.

    What we must do is, as you stated, reverse the energy.

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