Love Is . . . Tangible

Love Is . . . Tangible
Love Is . . . Tangible

Betty Wright had this song way back called “Love Is.” One morning I woke up with it on my mind. It led me to reflect on what “real” love is about. Not the word “love” that’s tossed around so much in Amerikkan culture it has become as rancid and empty as the morals of Amerikka, but a love that provides tangible benefits to those who fall beneath its wings.

So, thanks to inspiration from a song heard long ago, I’ve developed my own definition of that often-misunderstood and -misused term; one that also stayed on my mind, as the song did a mental rotation:
Love should be defined, not so much through a host of feelings and emotions, as through the commitment and application of ourselves to the task of doing any and everything to preserve and secure our people, our culture, our traditions and, therefore, our future.
That’s love, quantified.
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