Judging from the Outside

stick blenderFrom the “don’t let the smooth packaging fool you” files: Yesterday, I picked up two clearance-priced KitchenAid stick blenders from Target to add to my soapmaking inventory. While deciding which two to pick up out of three available, I decided against one because the box had clearly been opened.

I took my two intact boxes to the register and paid for them. At this point, I’m feeling real good, because I copped two stick blenders for darn near the price of one. So, I got them to the shop, opened my two perfect boxes and saw that I had one perfect stick blender and a used bi-racial blender that was a mixture of KitchenAid and Cuisinart, with a Cuisinart blending cup as a bonus.

In all my years of successfully searching out the packaging that appeared to have been least tampered with, I’d finally been bested by the same customer who bested Target into taking back a mixed blender.

Today, I headed back to the store to return the box and its contents. I then walked back to the shelf where I’d gotten the blender to see if any more had been placed on the shelves. The only one there was the one I rejected the day before. It looked just as it had the day before—half-shut, box top torn and sticking out. I opened the box and sifted through the contents. I realized that, yes, it had been opened, and the box damaged in the process, but everything inside was still new. I guess, someone else had been bested before and didn’t want to take any chances. Why they left this one, I’m not sure.

In the end, the PERFECT stick blender with the busted box is now sitting next to the others in my workspace.

The lesson in this?

We sometimes have a tendency to go for those things that look all pretty and shiny on the surface. Later, we come to find that all the pretty and shiny was ONLY surface. Not to say we should go around picking up everything that’s broken, believing we have the power to “fix” them or it, but that we should give as much due diligence to the pretty packages that we give to the obviously broken ones. Sometimes, the gems really are hidden behind tattered shells.

*so happy I was able to finish this in less than 500 words*

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