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Staples coupon and toner

Universal Conspiracy

Yesterday, I went from site to site, trying to find the best deal on a HP toner to replace the magenta┬áthat is creeping up on its last days. *fade to black* Laser printers are great assets to have when running a business, and I don’t know what I’d do without mine to print product labels.…


Judging from the Outside

From the “don’t let the smooth packaging fool you” files: Yesterday, I picked up two clearance-priced KitchenAid stick blenders from Target to add to my soapmaking inventory. While deciding which two to pick up out of three available, I decided against one because the box had clearly been opened. Share the Evolvement:Tweet


neon-blue dwarf gourami

A Feeling Healed A Fish

Healing things runs in our family. My 16-year-old son purchased a neon-blue Dwarf Gourami a couple of months ago. It developed dwarf gourami iridovirus, something we found is common to this species of fish. According to an article on, “This fish disease is highly contagious, completely untreatable and invariably fatal.” Nobody told us this…