A Sense of Evolvement


I’ve got blogs. More than one, to be exact. So, why another? Because to different people I have different things to say. I also have different trains of thought that I want to evaluate. That means having more than one avenue for addressing them. In this forum, I get to discuss evolution in its greatest sense.

My people, Afrikan people, have spent recent years revolving, hence, labeling themselves as revolutionaries. I have come into the knowing that this thinking can be faulty thinking, as it does just as a revolvement is supposed to do—it leads us back to where we started.
I’m tired starting over by traveling the same self-defeating road. It’s time for something new. An ascension. And I can’t ascend on a spiritual, physical and emotional plane, if I keep revolving.
So, the word of the day, week, month and the rest of my life is simple: evolve.
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